My hat collection — all 30 MLB teams, game-worn, and more!

How many hats do I have? Do I own caps of all 30 MLB teams? You asked to see my hat collection, so here it is — enjoy! As promised, here are links to the blog entties and videos that I mentioned. So many hats. So many baseball adventures. Thanks for watching!

Padres cap from Heath Bell:

Joey Votto’s wristband:

Stars & Stripes MLB cap at the Office of the Commissioner:

Texas AirHogs:

1993 World Series:

Mets cap from Chris Woodward:

Marlins cap from Jorge Cantu:

Mets cap from Angel Pagan:

Brewers cap from Lee Tunnel:


Caleb McAndrew says:

You should go to a Sugarland Skeeters game, it is sooo easy to snag balls

Omar Piñon Zapata says:

Well you messed up your alphabetical stack

cvandoren1985 says:

The Minnesota Twins game


So he his a banwagon

Plo Koon says:

The Votto wristband is awesome. He is my favorite player!

john haverstock says:

ha ha

Sominboy27 says:


joe brennan says:

You should come down to Cape Cod for the Cape Cod Baseball League All Star game…you’d be able to pick up a hat from each of the teams there because I think each team will have a merch stand…you could probably increase your lifetime baseball count while you’re at it. I’m local so let me know and I’d love to meet you there!

Mason the goat says:

Why won’t u wear indains hat that’s my favorite team

Graham Rylander says:

Do you have the last Mets homerun ball from Shea stadium and if so can we see it

Joe Venegas says:

I’m a biggest fan

Austin does stuff says:

Zack can we see all your MLB Jerseys

cvandoren1985 says:

Can you go to the Minnesota Twins St Paul at

Luke Stockard says:

Do your major League baseball batting gloves

Better Then kid perfact says:

When are you going to make a glove video

kasey m says:

Can you go to Fenway park again

gmjv1227 says:

Keep the Chief

Why Just why??* says:

Show your shirts collection

Leon Feingold says:

“Hi! My name is Zack Hample and I don’t know the difference between a Pirates and a Padres hat even though I just talked about my first two Pirates hat before showing the third and calling it a Padres hat.”

scott marsh says:


Graham Rylander says:

Love that throwback Rangers cap. GO RANGERS!!

Jacob Collins says:

10:38 where’s your hair

Joey Castagna says:

Have any gloves

Aaron Buentello says:

Zack you should do a shirt collection

Bula DaBeastQB says:

Can u do a hair revel


I like your mets hats I am a huge Mets fan

Gaming with Gman And more says:

Seattle is al

Travis Atwood says:


Wilson Lower says:

Why no chief wahoo man

Landen Powell says:

Could you show use your home run balls

Mike Martin says:

Now you need a Ben gamel hair hat

Pk_Lo says:

He cubs Yankees and dodgers wear the same hat every game so you can’t really switch the hat

Payton Carretto says:

Zach you are the best

Mrs Sharen says:


UniversalSpace says:

Well that deGrom hairhat doesn’t make sense anymore xD

Gaming Time Friends says:

Do a house tour

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