freddie gibbs 🙂


Scusjfiwidjwifiei says:

Nice hair line

Harry C says:

Probably a stupid question but is there such a thing as male and female versions of this hat?

Cory Walker says:

SnapBack are not trashy ur just following a trend like everyone else

Andrew Arias says:


Saul Goodman says:

Yoooo nice video man. I got the black, light blue and white one. You need to curve the brim because it isn’t curved enough. They’re all like this tbh so best thing to do is put it into a large mug or large cylinder as this will mold it evenly. Leave it in there overnight once every few days and this should keep the shape 🙂

Elie Chavez says:

yung lean

Kazik Huibers says:

i have a question the black one with the red horse has a different picture on the ralph lauren site than the navy bue one. Is there a difference between them or is it just the photo that’s differently taken?

Deon 3K47 says:

Snapbacks aren’t trashy you bald prick

Yosoypaulito says:

Hi! Nice video. What is the black hat you have? Thnks

Matt Acker says:

How old are you bro?


bruh you reviewing @ 30$ hat gtfoh nigga

lil ace says:

got the og em for tha background music

d productionz says:

do you just get a hat. or do you get box. what else do you get

KingsStarkoo says:

1 Question, does it fit on someone with a small head, most hats are ugly on a person with small head (the shape on the hat gets ugly)..

onebdp says:

Nice hat! I picked one up in gray a few days ago myself

AJ says:

I wanna get one of these, there’s so many colours though I dunno which one to get lol. Loving the poster on the left.

viralmelon says:

Question- do you get an itch or do you notice shedding, I have baldness genes so I need to know the warning signs

Nades says:

Why does the tongue seem to aim downwards a little on Ralph Lauren caps?


I got the same cap in yellow, what do you suggest I wear with it so it kinda “blends” more with an outfit. Also, I’m in the same boat as you with the receding hair line bro…


I think I just found the best men’s fashion channel on youtube!

Der einzig wahre Philipp says:

At first I really thought u r yung lean haha

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