Just Don & the World’s Most Baller Ball Cap

Don C explains what inspired him to launch Just Don hats. The designer talks about reinventing the baseball cap with his signature python brim and an adjustable strap—an ode to the Chicago-style buck fifty hats from the Eighties | SUBSCRIBE for more videos: ‪http://gqm.ag/YouTubeSub‬

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Just Don & the World’s Most Baller Ball Cap

Starring: Don C and Will Welch


Gasrullen says:

I had a chicago bulls cap when i was a kid in the mid 90’s, i loved that one, that was pretty baller.

Harvey Parsons says:

I’m not a vegan or nothing, but I don’t agree with using python skin whatsoever. Just wrong.

Young Don says:

CHECK OUT JUST DON C SONG FIRE !!! https://soundcloud.com/youngd0n/young-don-just-don-prodby-birdiebands

John Doe says:

If you want style and want to look good. Dont wear Mitchell & Ness strapbacks. The pice is that for an obvious reason. But just because it’s got python on it doesnt mean its “stylish” It’s trash aesthetically. Flat brims are for fucking bums who wear HUF socks, bred 11s, cargo shorts and an obey t-shirt.

Ostto castro says:

them shits could stay in Chicago ima 59fifty type dude

R H says:

so is he black or brown? LOL

Valmir Çekaj says:

He looks like Keegan-Michael Key.

EllzHD says:

i need that hoody, link me

joshmurphy47 says:

He sounds like Tom Haverford from Parks and Rec.

Christian Thropp says:

Dude sounds like a mix between an old black grandad and Cleveland from family guy

No hate intended

Theon Greyjoy says:

Where he got this dope hoodie ?!

48162342 says:

This is Tom Haverford reincarnated.

Mario Nextdoor says:

I aint spending 400 something on a hat i dont care what its made out of


Ive been knowing about Don C snapbacks for years now. It was the wave right after Taz Arnold’s snapbacks in what 2010? Around 2011

Benjamin Fredrick says:

Fuck is you crazy? Child please.

edupbeat says:

I had a buck fifty when I was 16(96)! Don’t ask where I got that $ from tho at that age.

brushed cashmere says:

Why key and peele trolling

JT says:

They dope of course but they not a buck fifty no more lol more like $450

Brady M says:

I love hearing stories about the buck 50s but I always wonder why don never even mentions the brand sports specialties. without sports specialties the don c strap backs wouldn’t be a thing

Keri Hon says:

You can get similar style at lids , I know because I was just there

Tywon James says:

Hm, he says he revolutionized these hats but then admits they were doing these in the 80s.

Firm Anonymous says:

I think it’s ok to use Python skin from Florida cause their invasion but anywhere else it’s just harmful.

Tony Foamtana says:

Is he black or a super cool Indian

kai ‍ says:

How to tell if don is fake

General Tso's says:

Is Don C a fag?

Niclacoste says:

Why is everyone complaining
about the price, Don didn’t design these hats for average people. It’s python not wool.

ueyeehw Mvp says:

He said fake python lol dumb people be getting ripped off

Alexander Kiefer says:

fags have to kill a snake just to feel better about themselves

Trill Shiz says:

Every gq comment section is full of anger

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