How to Fix Baseball Caps That Are Too Big

How to Make a baseball hat fit smaller with just a few easy steps hope this helps my athletes and fashion enthusiast

What you will need

weatherstrip seal

scissors –
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Lames Jahey says:

Bro that polo hat is crazy cool . where’d u cop it?

Big Time says:

It really works. Thanks

Kenin TM says:

For what is the sticker

Michael Anibeze says:

You talk too much man! Get straight to the point

RebelRedShirt _ says:

It doesnt look normal at all. It looks like you stuck weather strip tape on the inside.

Trayvon Monette says:

Can you do the same thing for a snapback hat because I am having the same problem

gram4neil says:

You can see the bump caused by the weather strip in the back of the cap.

Achilles 137 says:

I grow my hair out to about 14 inches and donated it to kids with cancer so my hat sizes change all the time. I bought this dope new era Falcons hat that said large/xtra large. It was massive so youtube i went. Ran across your video and it works. Thanks bro! The only thing I did differently was i ran a single row all the way around. It fits nice!

Reggie Miller says:

What the fuck is this shit?

Leviticus_805 says:

2 years late but THANKS BROOOO!!! I got a hat as a gift and i didnt wanna tell em its 2 big so i searched n clicked on ur vid and my hat fits.

Sƚҽρԋҽɳ H. Cυɱɱιɳɠʂ Cυɱɱιɳɠʂ says:

much funnier in slow-mo when in fast

shubham suryawanshi says:

bull white cap which band company

Ratcat17 says:

Some of mine are so big they come down and make my ears stick out – I like them to come to 4 mm within my ear

Ryan Lechtenberg says:

Will this work on my cubs World Series 39thirty hat?

Jon Douglas says:

Oh that’s what the hat for lol I gotcha , slick ya kno it’d be cheaper to hit up a chick that’ll handle that for ya then buying hats to cover me up (btw ya know constantly wearing hats causes pattern baldness so at least ull be used to it hahah)

david dropski says:

LOL 20 min video for this ass just to say use weather strip? lol also the back looks like shit its all wrinkly LOL next video

Justice schneider says:

no offence but that was a gay dance at the beginning

Zoloa says:

where you shop at g?

marcus morga says:

I just have one question, how do you fix the stupid fucking front of snapbacks. The enlarge skull part. I find it looks stupid as hell. I just want a normal hat lol.

Nick Holmes says:

Bro…..ignore the haters. Thank you. My Rainiers New Era low-pro fits perfect now. Made my day

Stuart Zaharek says:

Dude, this video is THE BOMB. Looking all over for a way to get my 2016 Cubs Champion cap to 6 7/8. It looks like their “one size all” starts with a 7 1/4 head! I had FrostKing EDPM just sitting in the garage. BINGO. No stupid cotton balls to stuff. No newspaper to fold in. Cut. Stick. Done. Pay no attention to any previous stupid posters. Thank you!

luis perez says:

buena recomendación.

James Mike says:

The black flap part is called the sweat band BTW!

Ian Jerome Aquino says:

Just want to ask the size of the first hat you wear. The maroon C. Is it low pro 5950?

Drew Hart says:

It’s cool that this works for you, but it looks absolutely ridiculous. If you think you can’t tell that you have something shoved into the lining of the hat you might be an idiot.

B I L L Y ! says:

are all these new era low profile?

16kings says:

Yo, this is a great idea. Thanks for the vid bro.

brendaleetv says:


Mike_naugz88 says:

Refuse to watch bullshit

34is1 says:

The bulls hat didn’t look all that great on you

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