Today Tanner will be showing you how to clean any hat. This method is similar to cleaning shoes and will just require a brush and some laundry detergent!

How to clean your shoes-

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david07 says:

Save water while ur cleaning ur hats

Broseppi Carnalizmo says:

Dukecity? Burrque?

notso says:

can you use a hair dryer to dry the hat quicker?

Ivan D'Angelo Alderete says:

Thanks man my hat is very dirty

Michael Gossett says:

How does this work for caps with sweat stains?

Mustang Jane says:

I’m going to try Scotchguard on my hats as well as my shoes. It’s a great fabric protector and whatever article you treat, it should stay cleaner longer as it repels all matter of stains.


I have an all white hat that I wear ALL the time and it’s got a bunch of dirt stains just wanna make sure this is actually gonna work

Patrick TAYLOR says:

Do a kickflip

baby grizzly 408 says:

Great keep up the good work

Joel Branscombe says:

Great video, did it effect your becks?

PSilence 01 says:

Water on a hat?! Nah I’m good

Robert Stites says:

STUPID man c’mon show the cleaning technique,

Jo Watch says:

You use warm water or cold water?

Nik Chandler says:

Top rack only, wash in dishwasher. Never ruined form on any of my hats. I’ve been using this method over 20 yrs.

Beverly Dale says:

“not sure why there’s baby powder on this one…” I wonder the the fuck why? But seriously I get this video but why scrub when you can just pour water on it and BOOM it’s gone :/ the way I clean my hats is I just rinse them in warm water and a little bit of soap on them, rinse it again and let them air dry for a bit that’s it.

Benjamin Garcia says:


Henry V of England Heir of France says:

I’m a hardcore listener of Verdi and Mozart I’m a geeky medieval dude….wtf am I doing here

Hakobe Madafakaa says:

Thanks for this.

Robert Joubert says:

I don’t care about the look part… does it get rid of the stink?

Switch Ntertainment says:

Let’s be real technically baby power is not dirt .. Thumbs down !!!!

Daniel Rodriguez says:

That will fuck the hat up!

Robert Orona says:

No thanks for the tip at this did not help at all I’ve tried what you said in this video and it did not work the stains are still here on my hat so I’m going to try another method and try looking for another video that can help

Nathan Jimenez says:

Dont forget the inside of the hat

Wacthmyhands says:

Was it laundry detergent or dish detergent?

Broseppi Carnalizmo says:

Keep hat clean by putting a bandana between your hat and your head. If too tight buy a size bigger. I don’t mean to look all thugged out, I mean fold it up, tuck it in. It will absorb sweat.

mrsuber1986 says:

Do you mix the detergent with water?

Jamey Brown says:

If it has hair on the hat can you still take it off

Daniel Rodriguez says:

You don’t need to wet it!

Ricardo Elias says:

Super cool, thanks

jonathan doyle says:

Never explains what the baby powder is for so that was very confusing.

pfdude says:

The idea of supersized hat is nice. I like how it covers me from the sun. I don’t wanna get sunburns, so this might be a great option to survive this summer.

Bill Lenker says:

Didn’t mention the composition of the hat used. Is it mostly wool? If so, I can use the suggestion. If not, it’s worthless to me and a waste of the 2:56 I have left in my life.

MrSouthswag says:

Would it work by setting it outside

wayne young says:

Then after that they look like someone sat on them lmfao

Darryl Needler says:

What was the baby powder for stupid video smh..

Juan Morales says:

Good video…..

Angel Rueda says:

Dishwasher works great! Keeps the shape

Raulo Kendro says:

No name of the detergent genius!!!

Person Macho says:

Any ideas for removing sweat stains… they are super annoying and i cant get it out

Dorian L Maldonado says:

Good vid and keep up hats and kicks

Leandro Garcia says:

Does it work with black hats that’s all dirty

Cherokee's finest. Indian says:

This video sucks.

Benjamin Garcia says:

So u like Cleveland cavaliers

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