Gucci Snake print GG Supreme Belt And Baseball Hat Review

Hey whats up guys its your boy Air Stax Back With Another Review Please Rate, Comment and Subscribed. Instagram: flyboylifestyle45


leon lawrence says:

i got the snake wallet

Franky Supreme says:

Do the inside gotta be suede or can it be leather?

GangGreen_714 says:

Fake or Authentic

Landon Romero says:

I can’t believe I just spent $332.00 on a hat

Young Arod says:

Thanks for the review !!! Gucci!! I like em a lot.

Christopher Fairfield says:

about to buy my first Gucci belt… bought my first Gucci wallet last month…

BIG2hats says:

All this money on clothing but this nigga still got the worst background ever.

Hard2LogOn says:

The belt is cool but i domt like hat. A standered NY Yankees hat or Detroit tigers hat is better. I never bought anything from gucci before but i was on their website the other day looking at their belts. They have these dragon belts i want. There a colorful one for $1,490 and a black dragon belt for $1,100. I want the black and wear it everyday. I wear my shirts over my belt so no one will know i have it and thats how i want it to be. But im not sure ill get it. Id rather spend my money on other shit.

Luce Life says:

Does The Black Leather Belt Have That Same Look To It? The Coated Canvas Or Is The Black One Just Black Smooth Leather. No Scratchy Canvas Look.

John P300 says:

Love the new sneakers and snake polos they got now

22 Savage #disaint21#youngdraco says:

I like the hat idk bout the belt tho

Alpha NetRS says:

my ex girlfriend is a snake

Nick Vuitton says:

Damn bruh I forgot I’m still subbed to u

Foreign Review says:

Glad you back

wil Ch says:

The collection is dope the tiger print is my favorite and I really want to get the sliders

MrRocktex1978 says:

I have the snake belt but returned the cap ( my cap was lion one) because it was too heavy- do u find it heavy. I like lighter baseball caps that you forget u are wearing

Ibrar Iqbal says:

Missed u man 🙁 ma nigga back in town 🙂

YoungPolo Boy says:

You back

Freshh Cutz says:

Dope pickups. The belt is different big buckles are corny now their snake logo is a great comeback

Noah Loera says:

The hats cool but the belt is insane I love it

Luce Life says:

Wow Bro U Still At It. you Were Like Literally 1 Of The 1st Dudes I Tuned In To On YouTube.

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