GOSH! Gosha x Burberry Baseball Cap and Duckbill Cap

Gosha x Burberry Baseball Cap and Duckbill Cap
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Ghost Of Winter says:

Not a good look Dave, certainly don’t suite you and they look nasty.

Francisco Milla says:

Return right away .

gonzalo Uriona says:

Lovely hats! My favorite is the beige baseball cap, not sure what size to go with. Stuck between M and L. Since you own two of these hats and know how they fit. What size would you recommend? Thanks!

David TheBoss says:

Been subscribed for awhile, but just recently found you in my subscription box! Enjoying every minute of it! Keep it up!

John Berry says:

Just a warning about the new Nokia phone there are a heap rip off clones on eBay, I found out the hard way.

John Mcintyre snr says:

Hi dave, is the duckbill lined ? Any idea the sizing im 60cm, i fancy the blue one , cheers for video well done,

London Fella says:

You always give honest, and detailed reviews, which I respect.

Do the right thing, mate: Shave what’s left of the hair off. I guarantee you will look much better, cleaner, and younger!

Take control of the situation, rather than letting it control you.

Take care …

Ryan Barclay says:

Hey Dave
Nice video
I personally don’t like the hats
Hope you enjoy using the Nokia 3310 3G , perhaps it will give you an insight into how to improve your productivity, would be interested to see how well the geekanoids website is optimised for such a small screen
Have a great day

John Mcintyre snr says:

Ps dave is the duckbill lined ? Cheers

front page tech says:

Love these kinds of videos

lafeil says:

Like the hat

uzzzzy says:

Hey Dave, I’m new to your channel and also new to your style but my first take is the caps will have to go.
Keep up the great work, I’ve been really entertained going back to watch your old video and really appreciate the effort you’ve put into the channel over the years. Take care

fabrizio ricci says:

good morning Dave, cool video as usual. caps are fine, I prefer the second one. Have a nice Sunday

Warwick Sylvester says:

Try a snap back hat? Or a regular baseball cap?

Unboxtheting Packz says:

Dave do you have any of these you would like to sell to me

Warwick Sylvester says:

It’s great to see your personally shine through! Breath of fresh air!

Tech4YourNeeds says:

Last cap is the better one looking and looks nicer on you.

Nathan Tang says:

The burberry pattern makes you look even older. Better go with some plain hat instead

Darren Gator says:

The blue cap did fit you better due to the color, but the ear flaps made the hats look a bit cheap, maybe because they stuck out a bit too far from the ear. Was that the Aputure light you mentioned? If so just dim it down a little. LOL if I bought all of the Funko figures I liked I would go broke!!!!! They are really cool though.

James Baker says:

Caps look great! Are they insulated?

Scott Smith says:

Dave not sure of the hats but cool video anyway

SJ15 says:

Was the hat feature a joke? Stick with tech mate!

Racing Home says:

Reminds me of Elmer Fudd, burn them now Dave.

Zeke Salley says:

Dave just spend $750 on some hats he wasn’t sure about?

Omar Haroun says:

Hey Dave, I was just wondering if you could tether on the Nokia 3310 3G

Terry Wong says:

Hi Dave! Fun video! Just curious, what size was the dark check Burberry cap? 🙂

for the love of tech too says:

3rd hat a maybe not surely wooly hats 😉 or flat cap there in Brad Pitt Clounie etc 😉 thumps up

dee sheppard says:

Hello Dave the hats are a no no

Tim C says:

Not quite your style. I think Burberry was off on the final fit and styling. Like the brand but not quite these caps, and I do love a nice cap with ear flaps.

Jon Bushell says:

Those hats don’t suit you at all.

Rob Madden says:

Last cap would look nicer without the loose thread on the bill of the cap. I cant stand caps that have loose threads. I am verry picky because of this when buying a new cap in person.

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