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Thanks for watching the vid! Make sure you let me know if you are still hearing that noise in the audio. Hope you guys enjoy the vid. Links to the hats below..

⇾ Champion Dad Hat:
⇾ Guns N’ Roses Dad Hat:
⇾ Plain Black Dad Hat:


⇾ HAT:
⇾ SHIRT: ASOS Longline Knitted Zip Hoodie (sold out)


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Miguel Carlos says:

it’s a swift up me either I didn’t like em at first 2 preppy I have like 60snapp back &fitters then the curved 47 but I started copping em when I bought polo beanies so then I copped Nautica, Tommy etc. now I’m into 2timberland I like my brims 2 tho I think there classier at times plus I love flexing em backwards

8 8G says:

kid got on a little boy hat wtf

trazerk _ says:

lol the champion dad hat my dad finds them easily

kingmanny661 says:

i hear it

Vinícius Reaper says:

Sou BR e pq Rio Jaeneiro

Valium & Flowers says:

Ebay has some dope dad hat’s for cheap as dirt! They arent the best quality, not by a long shot and you can feel the comfort difference but you can get a hat for like $5 sometimes under. They have a ton of designs too. Most of them are shipped directly from China so keep that in mind you’ll be waiting a few weeks for postage but yeah check the range out you’ll be suprised guys. I ordered a rose dad hat for $7 Australian with free shipping. Really cant complain! Hats are one thing i dont thrift either i just find it too gross it would be like wearing second hand underwear haha. But if i find a good hat a thrift store ill buy it, wash it, disinfect it and then maybe wear it on occasion but usually it will end up a collector’s piece. I have my staples i wear in rotation, my red Polo Ralph Lauren strapback is probably my favourite it gets a ton of comments.

Noah Stemann says:

Because it is high frequency some people can hear higher than others. So some will hear the ring and some will not, I personally heard the noise.

MysticBlack says:

i like wearing dad hats when i go to the gym. i dont have to fix my hair and its not very out there like a snapback flat brim

DarkMatt3r says:

i heard the ringing

Oliver Chase says:

I hear it too

Jesse McBride says:

The ringing noise gosh my head hurst

Cole Lemay says:

Vineyard vines

Chris Clyne says:

The High Rise try it, and I hear the ringing.

Bear bRkL says:

Because youre probably older then us so your hear less

bad campa says:

Wtf is this?

PS04 MILAS. says:

hav lots at homr

Chris Anderson says:

the ringing is so bad

$AVAGES says:

Rio de Janeiro o/

LWKGD says:

Fyi beats are horrible headphones get yourself some audiotechnicas

Shane McLean says:

47 brands website

Nate Rose says:

As you get older, certain frequencies progress beyond the precipice of your ear drums. More than likely, this is the case for why you are unable to hear.

Kenny Santos says:

Do you have a more specific link to the cap?

Josh Conner says:

Your gain is just too high like if you play with the audio while editing

Luis Ramirez says:

i heard the ringing

Maciek says:

wtf i didn´t hear it and then looked in the comments and now i hear it wtf AHAHAH

MOdine102 says:

hey bro. I was wondering what’s the difference between dad hats and baseball caps? thanks

Esency Music says:

dude the dammm sound drove me insane…. its super annoing… you should just EQ your sound and cut anything above the 10k

Cousin Mark says:

I don’t hear it y’all just got some fucked up devices

trazerk _ says:

I don’t heat anything

Pac says:

Fitted over everything

Titann says:

my ears

Lucky says:

u probs cant hear it because your older it sounds mean but its true the older you get the less high pitches you can hear and thats why

AG GA says:

no ringing sound on my end, they might be trolling

Pablo OW says:

still hear it

OTTO Cap says:

Wholesale Dad Hats at

BoB mcgee says:


2 Shades Of Black says:

I think it”s age thing, for example =
But it is so frustrating have you got anything near your camera that gives of radio frequences like a phone or even radio or something. Hope this helps.?

Luciano Nickolatos says:

i heard the ringing in the hole vidio

Vicberber says:

I didn’t hear it last night, now i hear the dog whistle sound lol

best UFC vines says:

ну ты и шлюха
по руский надо снимать блядь

Chiken Pollo says:

he’s trying to communicate secretly to the dolphin people

Double Ess says:

i wanna be rocking dad hats feel to old to be rocking fitteds im 23 but i got a low crown and my ears stick out way tooooo much i barely rock fitteds and look alright lol

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