One of the biggest myths about hair loss is that is it cause by wearing baseball hats all time. For the record that is NOT TRUE. Hair loss is cause by a hormone called Dihydrotestosterone that is passed down to you by your mother. So don’t blame the baseball for your baldness. Ask your mother “Why did you do this to me?”

Hat worn in this video is available at


E L says:

Very good video to people! I also study hairdressing 🙂 hard but we see its my 2 year we must study 3 years

Luza Barba says:

I’m good till I’m dead

Eric Freeman says:

I have a question I mean I know there might be more people answer it or something but what cause a hair bump

Luza Barba says:


Unquietglobe 850 says:


Xaria Williams says:

Who came up with this question ?

jakc3d says:

But the question is, can it be reversed? Please help Garrick. I’m really saddened over my baldness.

Dodex says:

dude u have lit gray hair

OMEGA-P _74 says:

What causes bump’s on the back of the neck? And is Surgery the only way to get rid of them?

Luza Barba says:

Longest drumroll ever


Who tf came up with this. Comment

Eric Freeman says:

Well dam my mother brothers are bald but I take care of my hair tho I don’t think my uncle’s have it they just choose to get that type of hair cut lol

Luza Barba says:

I did it first try

Gerardo Gonzalez says:

We’re do u cut

Squiggy2010 says:

They wearing the cap cause they bald or are they bald cause they wore the cap?
This some chicken and egg bullshit right here.

Johnny Despacho says:

This guy never fails to entertain me keep up the good shit

nba jimmie says:


juan lupercio says:

Wasup bro

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