59Fifty/Low Profile/39Thirty – New Era styles explained!

A breakdown of the three major cap styles offered by New Era. Includes head-to-head comparisons and a review of features.

For my tutorial on stretching/shaping caps see: https://youtu.be/8N-EL-rmgIc


Sean Foley says:

Awesome video! Thanks!

southerncountryboy8 says:

have you checked out 47 brand hats? just ordered my first one, interested to see how i like it. I know they are popular.

Paul Este says:

Awesome video!! Very descriptive


haha this was like a college lecture lol good info!

Christopher says:

Stretch fit 39Thirty hats only looks good with NFL hats (coach’s hats)

Matthew B says:

I am the god of hats

Austin Khalili says:

Good video! I have a various of hats,maily 5950 (high crown) and a few low profile which i dont mind. How ever with the low profile and the 3930 i dont buy as much because when i curve the bill it rubs with my glasses. So the reg 5950 is my choice. I actually wondered if you had any tips on restoring a 5950. Had the 2016 4th of july hat that got smushed in the back seat of my truck

Peter Nasello says:

Did you end up buying a smaller size for the Low Profile cap compared to the 59fifty cap? I’ve read online that the sizing doesn’t match up the same.

Frederick Edinger III says:

I’m still on the fence with the low crown. I love the 5950 . I just have never pulled the trigger on buying one. This video made me decide to go for it. Thank you!

Waka Maori says:

c.k has the 59fifty snaps but they got green under the bills . wak as

Raoul Duke says:

Great vid, I’ve subbed and just ordered my first low pro. Peace from Australia.

Howard green says:

Great review I hope to see more from your channel thanks mate

Waka Maori says:

they made 59fifty A frame snap back . do they still make these? i cant find em anywhere. and i feel the sizes are smaller . i have to buy a fitted or 9forty snapback for it to fitt my head im 7 3/4 fitted size

Brandon Vassar says:

Purchased my first low crown 5950 this week, think I have found my new favorite hat! I’m now stocking up on Indians home and away hats while we can get the Chief Wahoo logo. Thanks for a very informative review!

David Cleveland says:

My biggest issue with the 5950 is how hard it can be to find the correct fit, I alway order 7 1/2 but sometimes they are way too snug. The nice thing about the 3930 is that you can order them online and not worry about it not fitting.

donkeydrop says:

Another brilliant video! Thank you Doug! As a NE collector out of 3 styles, my preference is 59Fifty simply because thats what the players wear. My favourite fit however is the the NE wool caps from 1980s and I believe very early 1990s

NPS says:


Piper Dk says:

Great video! Thanks for the explanation. In my opinion the low crown look a little bit better. But just my cent. Best wishes from Germany!

wrestlingMachine28 says:

Can you do a comparison of made in the usa new era hats vs china made new era hats?

jlcrocks4ever says:

I know that the most likes the low crown style caps and I have some of those caps in my collection and looks very well but I prefer the 59fifthy because I have long curly hair and I feel more confortable with the 59fifthy caps style.

chris ruiz says:

is the low profile different to a low crown cap?


video starts at 7:30

M. Saberhagen says:

Thanks for the thorough breakdown of each cap and for showing how they all look when worn. Something that is hard to see when trying to get these online.

고준석 says:

You should make a video about how to get rid of the creases that are formed on the sides of the caps!!!

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