With a deal like this I had to pick up not 1 but 2!


Dante Ozzimo says:


Pyxell says:


please fucking kill yourself you dont kill the game you fuckboy

NGTV says:

Smfh the dillards in my town selling them for $39.95 fuck

Ryan Aranda says:

This guy is comedy

Josh Lysergic says:

what a cunt

Prince Makaveli says:

whos mans is this

Day Vid says:

where did you get the post malone hat?

Adri White says:

Man can yo help me? i want to buy a cap like that, how big is your head? ty from Barcelona Bro!

A AA. says:

lol you’re fucking spaz man

Charl3y Hauser says:

you where you buy them?

Anthony Desimine says:

I was dying when u were like “it looks like poop or somethin”

Clark Kent says:

LOL @ i’m a certified fuckboy

MCSD says:

Where’s the new videos man

owen hebeler says:

what’s the post Malone song at the end

Sebastian Köhler Öberg says:

Fuck dude shit is so cheap in the US. Stuff like this for that price wouldn’t be on the shelf for more than a couple hours in Europe 🙁 I really want that green/orange hat. Would fit my jacket so nicely, can’t even find it on the RL web site. Had to cop the black/red version instead

8 8G says:

sht wack as sht lol

Tyler Heidgerd says:

Go to marshalls or tjmaxx. They always have polo and tommy dad hats

Dominic says:

i blut nihyi ne monimau po risski cyka

peter lee says:

I hereby declare you a certified fuccboi

El Sol says:

hahahahahaha wtfff

Sam Muniz says:

AHAHH just found this channel man, you’re straight up the funniest dude, keep doing what you’re doing man.

Stefan Perera says:

Terry Kennedy ?

Khalid Kush says:

Ehhhhhhh……………..Your Boiiiiiii

deeath stroke says:

lol bro cool vid my boy

oepich827 says:

i bought a hat for 20 bucks


This video gave me cancer

Jason N says:


Brittany Lilly says:

Where did you get the Post Malone hat from!!!!!?

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